August 14, 2017


4G IoT System

Through 4G LTE connectivity, you can control your home devices via the installation of our IoT camera and door phone system. In order to improve the connectivity stability of the IoT system, we implement our 4G LTE connected camera to communicate with smartphones or smart devices anywhere to command the electronics devices at home.

User can give command via the smart devices, such as Amazon Alexa, other smart connected devices or smart phones via APP either in WiFi module or LTE module, which has built-in with our cameras.

4G VR Camera Transportation System

Applying VR concept in the public transportation system or police patrol car, attaching the VR camera to the top of the patrol car or inside the public transportation. By doing so, the camera can live streaming or record video with the face analyst system for public safety.



Body Camera

4G LTE and WiFi technology provides superior connectivity for body camera applications that require uninterrupted operation and best-in-class reliability for emergency response, private security , and more. 4G LTE Body Camera can go anywhere and keep recording, even in remote areas without WIFI.

  • CMOS sensor with good lo-light performance
  • FOV: 120 degree
  • IR option
  • Video: H.264
  • LTE band support : i. for Europe, HK & Taiwan, ii. for AT&T in US, iii for Verizon in US
  • 1080p/720p recording
  • OTR activation
  • Live streaming review
  • Event-capture features
  • Pre-recording function
  • GPS (optional)
  • WiFi (optional for 4G LTE model)
  • BLE (optional)
  • Motion & Sound detection (optional)

Target User

  • Police Officer
  • Security Guard